Poppy Dungeons

Have a good time with this amusing game. Poopy Dungeons is a new game only on Friv4school in which a small soldier responds to a call from the special forces and becomes stuck in a maze where a ferocious monster is on the loose!!!! Have a great time playing this action, shooting, and puzzle game!

A special squad is dispatched to the aid of panicked people who claim to have witnessed a terrifying purple monster terrorizing the alleyways!!! Only one survivor survives, and she requires your assistance to safely exit this dungeon, which is teeming with hostile soldiers who will not hesitate to shoot you if you approach too close, and who will not stop pursuing you until you are dead!!!

The goal of the game is to guide the soldier through the dungeon at various degrees of difficulty while shooting everything that moves against you. To finish each level, you must defeat the savage Huggy Wuggy and collect the level key! You can improve your arsenal by purchasing new weapons, a shield, and a first-aid kit!!! Gameplay includes action, shooting, and puzzles. Levels of difficulty with several opponents. Weapons and survival kits are gathered in this collection. A battle between troops and a swarm of monsters. Have a great day and make sure you check out other games such as Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher and KillMaster Secret Agent at friv4school-2020.com

Instructions: Move with the mouse on PCTouch and drag the joystick on mobile devices, tablets.