Metal Army War: Revenge

The world's defense war against the Metal Army continues from where it left off. In the deepest part of the jungle, the robots are plotting something evil. Help our heroes in the Revenge episode and prevent the robots from invading the world. Fight against new enemies using your new weapons. Destroy traps, take down enemies, and rescue hostages. You can upgrade your weapons and health bar with the metallic materials you collect in the levels. Do not forget to visit the market at the end of the levels for this. Play this game and find out if this game is as great as other games that you have played on our site before. Besides, don’t forget to enjoy other games such as Yoko and Super Brothers Adventure at

Instruction: PLAYER 1 Move: "W,A,S,D" Hit: "C" (Hold longer than release for powerful hit) Grenade: "V" Jump: "W" (Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: "Q-E" Special Attack: "Q+E" (Press While SP Bar Max) Ammo Reload: "X" PLAYER 2 Move: "ARROW K