Island Puzzle

Hello and welcome to the most amusing JUNGLE PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME ever! Play the prettiest matching puzzle game in the jungle to begin an adventurous adventure! Tom, the lovely cat, and Daring Pilot need your help to live on a barren island. Get to the bottom of the island's mysteries, restore and embellish various regions of the island, and take pleasure in the company of entertaining in-game characters.

Why are you holding out? Enjoy yourself and take the lead in a brand-new tale. Create the island of your dreams! Play with your inquisitive creatures, stringing them in long lines as you look for uncommon and distinctive treasures. Play with Tiny Tom the cat, gain strong boosters, and assist in gathering valuable objects! Don’t forget to explore different choices of games on our site. They’re sure to keep you entertained. Some of the best options for you are Buzzy Bee and Crush These Ants at

Instructions: Mouse Touch