Gangster Crime Car Simulator 2

Welcome to the great city of Miami, where only the mafia criminal underground reigns supreme! You've been tasked with exacting vengeance on the genuine gang mafia don who murdered your whole family! It's now up to you to make up for everything they've done to your family. 

In this open world, you may play as a criminal mobster. Assassinate the mafia godfather. Take the traffic automobile from the unsuspecting citizens. Make a plan to meet and shoot all of the criminal godfather lords! Become a true gangster in Miami and join the criminal underworld of the gangs. 

Fight the actual criminal gangster godfather till the finish. -A realistic 3D mafia criminal underworld buzzing with real-world crime -Different automobiles and vehicles to steal in Miami city -Customizable crime gangster with a range of attire and accessories -A wide range of weapons to snare from citizens -Amazing sound effects during gameplay -Interactive user control with various map locations -Unlock more Miami city places

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Controls: Keyboard Controls