Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online on Friv4school 2020 is a fast-paced 2D multiplayer top-down shooter with plenty of weapons, game modes, and maps. Play as a human or dinosaur in objective-based game modes. Earn XP in-game to unlock new weapons, dinosaurs, equipment, items, and more! Also, many games suit your taste are available for free here. Why don’t you seek for what you love? Or just enjoy Chef Kids and Panda Fun Park at https://friv4school-2020.com/!

Instruction: WASD - Movement Shift - Sprint Crouch - Control E - Interact R - Reload Weapon Space - Use Melee G - Throw Grenade F - Use Equipment T - Use Weapon Accessory / Cycle Vehicle Weapon Z - Use Support Item X - Select Next Support Item Q