Chikis Chase

Enjoy this entertaining new game. Chiki's Chase is a casual game in which you help the little character survive as long as possible and thus accumulate the best possible score! Take care of the obstacles and enjoy this free game at for free. Little Chiki, a brave bird, needs your skills with the games and help him get to his new home. Jump at the right time, avoid dangerous objects, be careful of the enemies in this pixelated world. You will have 3 attempts to get home healthy and safe.

Enjoy three worlds and improve your score with each try. Don't let them stop you from completing this fabulous new game. Collect the coins to be able to unlock new skins. The objective of the game is to take little Chiki Chase to his new home in different worlds full of dangerous enemies and sharp objects that will hinder your performance. Features : Casual-level game Survive and better your score. Shoot enemies while jumping! Unlock new skins with the coins you earn. Also, there are so many choices as cool as this game available on our site, so if you want to enjoy different gameplay, let’s try Blue spheres and Run Royale Knockout 3D Game at

Instruction: PC controls:Use the mouse left click to jump and right click to shoot. Mobile and Tablet controls:Touch the left area to jump and the right area to shoot.