Animalon : Epic Monster Battle

Lead your team of tiny monsters into the battle arena. Beat them all! Train your mini creatures, and upgrade their fighting skills. You can use powerful magical skills to defeat the opponent's team members. Explore the exciting world of Animalon. A curious land where magical animals fight against each other for the glory of their masters. On each level, you must imagine a strategy plan to win the most challenging battles. Try to create the strongest monsters to become an invincible team of epic warriors. In the end, there can be only one!  Get ready for the ultimate Animalon experience! Hope you have fun and make sure you discover more games on our site. To help you save time, here are some of the best choices for you PoopieMan Apocalypse and SWAT Force vs TERRORISTS at

Instructions: Level up your monsters and power them up Your monsters will become stronger as you rank them up Set your monster teams strategically