Angry Shoot Squid Game

It's a fun but difficult game in which the player uses a catapult to give his bird some power and destroy the obstacles on the other side of the screen, causing them to fall off their platform and crash into the earth. If an obstruction comes into contact with the earth, it will be destroyed right away. This game, in which you utilize furious birds to knock down opponents and liberate your animation from captivity, will appeal to all gaming enthusiasts.

The birds are released using a catapult in order to travel forward. In the video, the birds transform into flaming red balls with a little stretching, demonstrating the strength of these enraged birds, who demolish monsters and birds alike in a war of monsters and birds. Ninjas, charming girls, dinosaurs, zombies, and other characters are featured throughout the game to keep the player involved and motivated. A monster is knocked down and killed instantaneously when hit with a smash hit. It also serves to emphasize the strong link we have. Because the battleground has been transformed into a jumble of various things, you will need to use your brains to complete the level.

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Controls: Use mouse to play